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Popular Products at KISCO:

Baracuda Bur
Use for Crown Preps, Cavity Preps
Amalgam & Crown Removal
Slot Cutting to remove old crowns

$29.97-10pkg or $244.97-100pkg
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Cut-trol Stops Bleeding Immediately!
Cut-trol is the ORIGINAL
Ferric Sulfate hemostatic agent

$29.97 8ML bottle.
50% Ferric Sulfate
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Twice as effective as other oral irrigators
through the innovation of HydroMagnetics.

1-unit $66.47 Quantity discount pricing available!
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Educate your Patients with the
Dental Diary & Information Booklet
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Septocaine with Epinephrine
# 1 Branded Dental Anesthetic in the United States*.
1:100,000 or 1:200,000

$45.97 for 1 box.
Buy 10 or more $43.97
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Septoject® sterile, single-use dental needles
(plastic needle hubs) are used for routine
administration of local anesthetics.

New price $9.97 per box
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Luxator® All you need for a successful extraction
with minimal damage of tissue or bone.
7 pc. set $774.97 4 pc. set $458.97
Individuals are $119.97
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KISCO's patent-pending innovation
combines a great soft bristle toothbrush
with the most effective tongue cleaner
with rigid acrylic ridges.
144 per box only $63.36
Septalloy is a zinc free, disperse phase amalgam
that is a viable and cost effective alternative to composites.
It’s ideal for any posterior restoration.

1 Spill - 50 Capsules - $64.97
1 Spill - 500 Capsules - $529.97
2 Spill - 50 Capsules - $78.97
2 Spill - 500 Capsules - $679.97

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