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Greetings my fellow colleagues and visitors to the Kisco and Kisco Seminars' website. I feel like it is important and the timing appropriate to talk about the future of Kisco and Kisco Seminars.
As I am sure many of you know, my speaking partner and best friend for almost 40 years, Dr. Joe Steven, recently passed away due to bladder cancer. Because of my personal connection to Joe, itʼs been tough to get back in the swing of things, but the time has come for me to let you all know where Kisco and Kisco Seminars is headed.
First of all, Kisco and Kisco Seminars are here to stay. Over the course of the next few months, the businesses will be combined into one entity. The dental supplies and office efficiency products that have been designed by both Joe and I will continue to exist. The only change will be streamlining the dental product line to keep only the products that our customers use on a regular basis.
The seminar business will also continue, obviously without Joe by my side. Iʼve done a few already without him, and itʼs been a little strange. Being the longest tag-team speaking duo in dentistry (almost 30 years), I will carry the banner and am looking forward to meeting and seeing you on our cruises, in Las Vegas, or wherever societies and study clubs will invite me.
For those of you that have seen Joe and I together, the atmosphere will still be lighthearted, funny and with plenty of pearls to take home and use in your practice the very next day. At the present time, I will be doing the “Team Dynamics” meeting that is the perfect seminar for the whole team and “Success-o-Dontics”, which is a combination of team concepts and clinical tips and pearls. With 10 years of teaching dental assistants in my background, and a team at my side that have been with me over 20 years (some over 30) in our dental practice, I can offer a world of practical advice.
Joe and I felt like we know what it takes to get the team marching in the direction their employer would wish, and over the years, it's really been great to hear all the stories from you about how we've helped change lives. That's what this is all about - improving lives, careers, and your bottom lines.
Finally, I can't tell you how much I've have grown by going through this battle with a friend that was closer to me than any brother. It's been tough, because for all these years, we've conversed almost every day about dentistry, golf, life, name it. I've lost that!
I always felt that I had a pretty good appreciation of what's important in life, but this journey has solidified those thoughts and ideas even more, and in doing so, it will impact the ideas that get passed along to you at every meeting. Dentistry is important, but itʼs not as important as having a proper perspective of where it fits in your every day lives. Making money is important too, but itʼs not as important as having balance in your lives - and that is the key to being content in life.
I hope to see you down the road and get a chance to chat with you. I would be happy to discuss any opportunities you would be interested in by having me come and speak to your organizations or study clubs. And don't forget the cruise in January - it's always a huge hit for docs and team members alike!
Don't hesitate to call Kisco if you need us or have any questions. I can be reached at I look forward to hearing from you and serving you in the years to come.


Dr. Mark Troilo

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